An assessment is the process of systematically gathering information about student learning and cognition from a variety of sources, using a variety of techniques and tools. At iTutor, we use this information to develop individual profiles that pinpoint the needs of our students.


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Our Assessments:


  • Determine a student's fundamental strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify and verify problem areas and gaps in knowledge
  • Allow us to set the necessary short term and long term goals needed for our students
  • Hold us accountable for ensuring the progress of our students



Progress Reassessment


  • Although a student's cognitive profile is initially reliable, his or her achievement will change over time. For example, the student will acquire new knowledge and skills, or may develop compensatory strengths that allow him or her to respond to teaching in new ways.
  • Additionally, the demands of reading, writing, and mathematics change over the primary and junior grades, and these changes may make varying demands on the student.
For this reason, iTutor Learning Services offers a Progress Reassessment after a set amount of time so that we can update our student profiles. Progress Reassessment is a crucial element to ensure we provide the most up to date techniques and support for our students.