iTutor FAQ


Q: How do I get started with iTutor today?


  • A: We invite you to enroll with us online via our online application process. We will contact you within 24 hours to set up a consultation and free assessment. Please visit our contact us page if you would prefer to call us for more information.


Q: How will iTutor benefit my son or daughter?


  • A: At iTutor we offer leading edge academic services. We introduce to your child a unique iTutor Learning Strategies™ approach that has proven to be successful towards promoting healthy work habits that really make a difference.


Q: How qualified is our staff?


  • A: You can be confident that your iTutor has been fully trained by our leading edge iTutor Training Program; designed to ensure that every iTutor is proficient in assessing your son or daughter, teaching our top of the line learning strategies, monitoring our proven work habits and writing detailed reports. Our iTutors have varying levels of experience, with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the field in which they tutor, and have undergone a thorough background check for added security.


Q: Will my son or daughter enjoy the iTutor experience?


  • A: At iTutor, our young and enthusiastic iTutors are committed to creating a dynamic, educational atmosphere. Our iTutors are not only committed to the success of their students, but are also engaged in positive relationship building therefore allowing themselve to identify with their students.
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