The Personalized Education Program

Personalized Education Programs are designed by taking our students' specific academic needs into consideration and are carried out by your assigned iQualified iTutor. The construction of PEPs are greatly influenced by the student's results and the parent's input during the SMART Approach to learning process.


As a result, Each program is unique in its construction in order to reflect the individual learning style(s) of each of our students, and to include the setting of personal short and long term goals of all parties involved.



Personalized Education Programs (PEP)


The underlying principles of our PEPs are geared towards helping the student to learn information according to their preferred learning style. For example, if a student learns best by performing tasks in a hands-on manner (Kinesthetic Learner) then the lessons will be directed in that way.


In the same capacity, the PEPs recognize and stress the importance of developing various other learning styles that the student may not be accustomed to; such as visual and auditory learning. As a result, our PEPs focus on helping students to learn how to learn these different styles as well and reinforce various Learning Strategies and Work habits to assist in this process. The stronger each learning style becomes within a student's educational repertoire, the better equipped they will be to understand new material.


At the same time, iTutor Learning Services holds students accountable for their learning experience while under our guidance. Working alongside parent and student, your iTutor will develop an accountability plan - a plan dedicated to informing each party of their individual responsibilities in relation to achieving the collective short and long term goals of everyone involved.


The progress of our students is monitored and documented on a session to session basis and comprises the content of the monthly progress report; made available to parents via their online customer account.