Reporting Progress


Progress Reports are designed for everyone involved in the student’s learning experience at iTutor.


Our reports are distributed monthly to parents and provide an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of their child's progress at iTutor. We believe that the parent should remain involved in the learning process as they are vital contributors in the progress of the student. At iTutor we employ a variety of Learning Strategies, Work Habits and Teaching Strategies that are all documented in these reports from day one. Please read our PALS program to see how else we keep our parents involved in the learning process.


We are pleased to offer our Monthly Progress Reports FREE to our preferred clients - simply ask how you can qualify!


Daily Reports


The daily report is a requirement of our tutors so that we can ensure that in every lesson, they are adhering to the established Personalized Education Program. Each session fosters new goals, new learning opportunities and new progressive developments. Although parents are not sent a copy of daily reports, the contents of each daily report culminate to form the monthly progress report.


Monthly Reports


Through the maintenance of daily reports, your iTutor is able to accurately monitor and hold the student accountable for reaching the goals set out in their Personalized Education Program. As a parent, you will receive a detailed monthly report that outlines the effort your child has shown and their results.