The SMART Approach:


The SMART Appoach is a uniquely designed learning philosophy that iTutor applies in order to recognize, target and conquer all academic obstacles. Below you will discover the steps involved with the SMART learning process and also better understand how the Personlized Education Program is developed from these results.




  • The assessment is designed to gauge the student’s academic abilities and to identify specific areas that require improvement.




  • The completed assessment is thoroughly reviewed and its results are used to pinpoint and focus in on the student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • We measure all areas of the student's abilities from the strength of their fundamentals, to the specific type of learning style they identify with.


Action Plan


  • In accordance with our measurements of the student's assessment, an action plan is drafted where realistic short term and long term goals are set into place. 
  • The action plan is built and reviewed in a meeting by student, parent and educator thus ensuring that all parties understand the expectations and can work together towards a common goal.




  • We hold the student, parent and educator responsible for meeting the expectations of the action plan. We set short term goals and use these as markers to ensure that we work towards the bigger picture long term goals.
  • If short term goals aren't being met, we can make the necessary adjustments and redesign the structure of the action plan.




  • We ensure that our students reach the target set forth by the action plan. When our students see that they are achieving the academic goals set in the framework of their action plan, they gain the confidence they need to achieve success. 
  • When our students reach their target, we reach our target!