Who We Are


Rob Milne - B.Sc.H, MICR., Director (right)

While attaining his degree in Microbiology, Rob began tutoring at a Toronto tutoring company where he focused mainly on Math and Science at the grade 9-12 level. After 4 years of tutoring, Rob began his teaching career at a small private high school in Toronto where individualized attention was the central focus. Small class sizes allowed Rob to cater to the individual learning styles of each student and monitor their progress throughout their academic journey.


After 3 years of teaching, Rob became the school's Head of Curriculum where he was responsible for designing the school's academic curriculums that met, and in most cases exceeded, the accepted Ontario Curriculums. Rob has a love for learning and a greater love for teaching what he has learned through his experiences and academic endeavors.


As Director of iTutor Learning Services, Rob makes it his personal responsibility to ensure that each of iTutor's students are receiving nothing but the best of iTutor's first class Education Support System


Ryan Delyea B.A.H., ENGL, Director (left)

While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Honours English degree at the University of Guelph, Ryan first discovered his ability to interact with and educate students by joining Frontier College's Reading Circles - A community based after school program dedicated to offering students of lower income families literacy and opportunity for academic success. 


While in the final year of acquiring his BAH English degree, Ryan began tutoring at a Toronto-based tutoring agency. Having gained a number of rewarding experiences and skill sets through his experience as a tutor, he then accepted a position as a high school teacher in the private school sector. Here he taught classes as large as ten students and learned invaluable teaching techniques that further developed his knowledge base. 


After teaching for a year, Ryan was promoted to the position of Vice Principal; a role in which his responsibilities included guiding parent, student, and educator progress and development meetings, managing Ontario Student Records (OSRs), and evaluating various professional student assessments.


As a Director of iTutor Learning Services, Ryan has harnessed his life experiences and implemented them into the educational platform upon which iTutor proudly stands. Ryan firmly believes that the love of learning must always be what motivates us, influences us and keeps us guided in the right direction. After all, the best teachers are also students.