Work Habits


At iTutor, we hold students accountable for coming prepared to lessons and practicing fundamental work habits. Our tried, tested and true work habits give students direction in the classroom and build strong, independent learning skills that will assist them throughout their academic career.


Below is a breakdown of iTutor's Work Habits. These habits incorporate the fundamentals of being a proactive student and are effectively implemented by your iTutor during each session.




  • A student’s notebook is the one document that keeps all of the records required for learning and performing well in a course and thus should be kept extremely well organized. If a student disrespects their notebook, they are less likely to want to open it, complete homework in it and study from it. Students must learn to take pride in their notes. Your iTutor will be teaching your child how to keep a neat, complete and organized notebook – a technique that will keep them organized during their entire academic and professional career. 



  • At iTutor, we teach these work habits to help you become a better student; it’s a training process, much like training for a sport or special skill. Like anything that you train for, practice is essential if you are to succeed and this is where homework habits come in. Homework might not always be fun, much like training is not always fun, but it is a worthwhile effort when you see the positive results that working hard leads to. Completing assigned homework, redoing homework and previous evaluations, and attempting questions given by an iTutor or found in a textbook are all important practices of a successful student. Grade appropriate homework should be completed every night regardless of whether or not the teacher assigned any.




  • Its important for students to correct all their work in a different colour so that they can see where they went wrong and practice questions that they have difficulties with.


Using Resources

  • Each course involves the use of a course textbook, which is a vital source of information and example questions. At iTutor we make it a student responsibility to see the teacher outside of the class room for extra help at least once a week. When teachers see that students are engaged in their classroom, they are much more willing to help and divulge information that can direct the student's studies.     


Time Management

  • Time management and general organization are skills that many students lack or do not use to their full advantage. We make sure that students learn to plan their time wisely so that all assignments and evaluations are well prepared for.



  • Just as important as being organized and thorough when keeping your notebook and completing homework, is the ability to be thorough and organized when studying for evaluations. It is always wise to begin your review weeks in advance, when possible, and you should start by making a calendar outlining your study plan. Cramming the night before an exam is a poor study plan that leads to making careless errors, blanking out on tests and lacking overall confidence in your knowledge of the material – it also fails to give you the opportunity to seek help if there are issues with the material. We recommend contacting your iTutor the moment that you become aware of such evaluations so that you can schedule a review session – these are usually scheduled the day before an evaluation to clear up any issues encountered during a student’s review


Writing Evaluations

  • A student's grades are largely based on evaluations, such as quizzes, tests and examinations; therefore, it is essential that students prepare themselves with not only the information they need to know, but also the techniques of proper evaluation writing.


Positive Attitude

  • While completing homework, studying concepts or writing evaluations, it is important to encourage yourself, especially when things become difficult. If you have a poor attitude, you are likely to give up, or stop caring about how you perform. Everyone is capable of exceeding expectations, much like anyone is capable of running a marathon, but it takes self motivation and determination – Giving up leads to failure every time.




Each Work Habit is applied and monitored over the duration of every lesson conducted by your iTutor. You will see first hand the effectiveness of these strategies because they are evaluated by your iTutor in the daily report and used to construct the monthly progress report.